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Chapel Curve, Maggots, and Copse Corner. In 2012 luck here for Christian Horner.
Many of the corners here named after other tracks. No race here since 2008, so when will we go back?
European track, built in 1927. Hamilton won here in 2011.
Anti-clockwise circuit. Enjoy Acque Minerali. Schumacher so dominant here, when he drove for Ferrari.
A baby of a track, but the pit exit spells trouble. In 2014 all the winning points were double.
Here you'll find the Senna S. Hakkinen won here twicely. Chaos in 2003, which Fisichella won nicely.
Fast, hilly, twisty turns. Bruxelles and Kemmel Straight. Massa won a victory here in 2008.
Drive the Curve Di Lesmo, this track is super-fast. Built in 1922, a fan-favourite built to last.

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