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Can you name the World of Chem - Env't questions from lectures 5 to 8?

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Country with the most available water
Country that uses the most water
Direction in which most of Canada's water drains
Activity that takes up the highest percentage of water
Country mentioned that uses the least amount of water
Body of water that has decreased to 1/10 of its size
Farming of what plant has caused the level to drop so low
What absorbs urine in disposable diapers
City where toilet smuggling was popular...briefly
Vegetable that has the highest concentration of water in it
Bacteria found in the Walkerton water supply
Element found in water bottles that 'can kill you'
The name of the process that allows water to move in and out of cells
If you drink too much water, this process can be deadly because it causes this part of the body to swell
Bangladesh: wells sunk into the ground were contaminted by which element, normally trapped by FeS
River that waqs so polluted that it caught fire in 1970
Percentage of the world that has inadequate water sanitation
What BOD stands for
Two things sewage needs to biodegrade
Chemical used to treat sewage for medication and other things that don't biodegrade (ALSO DEGRADES CONDOMS OH NOES)
The cause of blue-green algae in water
Type of mercury that is toxic
Chlorinated compound that is possibly carcinogenic to humans, evacuated two towns to prevent exposure, 'more toxic than cyanide'
Gas that is the most important medical invention of history (but its also deadly)
A larger element that is used to bind to and drag down lighter elements (like arsenic) in water - but also can cause Alzheimers
Alternative to chlorine to sanitize water
Biggest source of methane?
Amount of air we can hold in our lungs
Percentage of the air that is sea salt spray
Main disease caused by smoking
Cancer that kills the most people (male & female)
City that has the highest smokestack
Thing in cars that oxidates hydrocarbons and CO2, and also reduces NOx
Two types of smog...learn about them because I am too lazy to make more questions.

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