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We learn
We run
I don't understand
She pays for the books
He sings.
I work
He puts
I watch the house
He buys the car
I pay.
We pay for the house.
We eat
You pay.
I don't believe
I look at the garden
She reads
I speak with Miguel
They love
I sing.
They don't run
They watch the car
He works
I put
They work
I don't sell
We love
She studies.
We break
I learn
He reads
She doesn't sell
I practice
You sing.
You don't understand
They (f) put
He dances
I break
She loves
We walk
You don't read
You run
We sell
We work
I love
You put
She listens
I read
They understand
You read
He believes
They (f) pay.
We study Spanish.
You understand
They (m) put
You love
I run
We study
You sell
I buy the dog
She runs
They (m) sing.
We owe
We sing.
They (f) listen
We put
He studies
I study
They (f) break
He drinks
You eat
I listen
You buy the house
I drink
I believe
He practices
You walk
I understand
We read
I make a mistake
They enter

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