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How the Death Eaters plan to get inside HogwartsA
Who Goyle thinks is the ugliest girl in schoolB
'B*tch, I ain't __________!'C
Voldemort: Well, I believe everything has it's place. Muggles have their place... Mudbloods have their place... and So. Do. Your. Clothes! Namely, A ________!D
Ron's hobbyE
'______ _______ Power! 'F
Ron and Draco's duetG
Particularly good findersH
Draco: '___ _______,can't we just be Death Eaters already?'I
Who played Ron Weasley?J
Welsh Greenbacks hate the taste of ____________K
'It sounds kinda fruity.' What is it?L
loves rolling on the floorM
'Sit down you inarticulate bubble!' Who is the Snape referring to?N
Quirrell(in response to number 4):'Well,aren't we an ____ couple?'O
Draco's dream schoolP
Voldy's best friendQ
Headmaster of Draco's dream schoolR
Movie Quirrell and Voldemort watched togetherS
'It's gonna be ... !'T
' I can't believe I couldn't figure out that the countercurse was just ______!'U
'And you think, maybe killing people will make them like you. But it doesnt. It just...it just makes people dead.' Who said this line?V
Draco's favorite TV showW
When Ron and Draco realized Hermione is quite prettyY
Voldemort's 6th horcruxZ
Hermione would be no higher than a _______ on Draco's pretty scalenumber

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