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QUIZ: Can you name the Gods of the ancient civilizations below?

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EgyptianKing of the Gods
EgyptianGod of the Sun
EgyptianGod of Creation and Rebirth
EgyptianCreator God
EgyptianGod of Darkness and Chaos
EgyptianGod of the Desert and Balance
EgyptianCreator God of the Nile and Potters
EgyptianGod of the Dead; Ruler of the Underworld
EgyptianGod of the Dead and Embalming
EgyptianProtective Goddess of the Dead
EgyptianGod of the Earth
EgyptianGod of the Nile
EgyptianGod of Flooding the Nile
EgyptianGod of the Sky; Protector of Pharaohs
EgyptianProtection Goddess
EgyptianGod of the Air and Peace
EgyptianGoddess of the Sky
EgyptianFertility Goddess of the Cosmos
EgyptianGoddess of Simplicity, Nature and Magic; Protector of Pharaohs
EgyptianGoddess of Joy; Personification of the Milky Way
EgyptianGoddess of Wisdom, Writing and Measure
EgyptianGod of Writing and Knowledge
EgyptianGoddess of Truth, Justice and Harmony
EgyptianGod of War
EgyptianGoddess of War
EgyptianGoddess of War and Hunting
EgyptianGod of Craftsmen
EgyptianGoddess of Water and Fertility
EgyptianGod of Pregnant Women and Family
RomanKing of Gods
RomanQueen of Gods and Marriage
RomanGod of the Sea
RomanMessenger of the Gods
RomanGoddess of Hearth and Home
RomanGoddess of Wisdom
RomanGod of War and Vengeance
RomanGoddess of Fertility and Agriculture
RomanGod of the Sun
RomanGod of the Forge
RomanGoddess of the Hunt and Moon
RomanGoddess of Love and Beauty
RomanGod of the Underworld
RomanGod of Wine
GreekKing of Gods
GreekQueen of Gods and Marriage
GreekGoddess of Wisdom
GreekGod of War
GreekGod of the Sun
GreekGod of Fire and Forge
GreekGoddess of Fertility and Agriculture
GreekGod of the Underworld
GreekGod of Wine
GreekMessenger of the Gods
GreekGod of the Sea
GreekGoddess of the Hunt and Moon
GreekGoddess of Hearth and Home
GreekGoddess of Love and Beauty
NorseThe Allfather, God of Magic, Thought and Wisdom
NorseMother of the Gods
NorseGod of War and Thunder
NorseWarrior Goddess of Love and Beauty
NorseGod of Fertility and Success
NorseGod of War and Law
NorseThe Trickster God of Fire
NorseGod of the Sea
NorseGoddess of the Sea and Rivers
NorseGoddess of Youth and Beauty
NorseGod of Love and Light
NorseGoddess of Spring and Fertility
NorseGod of the Hunt
NorseGoddess of Winter, Vengeance and the Hunt
NorseGod of Law and Justice
NorseGoddess of the Dead and Afterlife
NorseGoddess of the Harvest
NorseSmith of the Gods
NorseBard of the Gods; Muse of poetry
NorseGuardian of Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge
NorseMessenger of the Gods

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