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'I thought I could apologize tomorrow. But that tomorrow... never came.'
'Our names are given to us by God. I have betrayed God, and so I no longer have a name. '
'If you want to kill me, despise me, hate me, and live in an unsightly way... Run, and cling to life, and then some day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me.'
' Man fears the darkness, and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire. '
'I'm crazy? What's crazy is this world that refuses to let me be with you!'
'The 'present' is a leaf floating on top of the river. It moves along with the flow from past to future.'
'Who the hell do you think I am?!'
'Before creation there must be destruction. If my soul stands in the way, then I'll toss it aside. Yes, I have no choice but to move forward.'
'If you have time to think of a beautiful end, then live beautifully until the end.'
'I don't have time to worry if it's right or wrong. You can't hope for a horror story with a happy ending! Yeah! It's a cruel world out there.'
'What is a heart? If I rip your chest open, will I find it there?'
'Well, if I had to give a reason for my actions, I guess it's because I love people. I guess I wanted to see the faces that mankind has to offer.'
'There is one thing I've learned here. To keep doing your best until the very end. If we make it back to the real world, I'll find you again. And fall in love with you again.'
'Did you know every time you sigh, a little bit of hapiness escapes?'
'Don’t make me laugh! Only a man brave enough to ride into battle at my side could ever be my Master. '
I am a scientist. Everything in the world is an experimental test subject, of course, that includes me aswell.'
Listen up.You can pour drinks on me, you can throw food at me. You can even spit on me. I'll just laugh that stuff off. But... Good reason or not... Nobody hurts a friend of mine!
'The stronger the light, the darker the shadow'
'I have two rules: First, I'm never wrong. Second, if I'm wrong... back to the first rule.'
'Ojii-san, the sun shines for everyone. It brightens everyone. It shines for you too Ojii-san. I’m sure that it will warm your frozen heart.'
'I am a scientist, I have to act on my own theory. I can't let my emotions get in the way.'
'The last bite. It is the final one, and the most suitable to enjoy the most. No matter what it costs, I will not give it up.'
'I do not fear death. I fear only that my rage will fade over time.'
'As long as the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth exist, everything will be alright.'
'If you ever feel like dying to help the universe, just let me know. I'll be waiting.'
'When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be TRUTH.'
'Levels are just numbers. In this world, strength is just an illusion. There are more important things.'
'There are people in this world that enjoy being alone, but there isn't a single person who can bear solitude.'
'Your lives have ended. What you do with your new lives is entirely up to me. That's the theory, anyways.'
'The fake is of far greater value. In its deliberate attempt to be real, it's more real than the real thing.'
'The strong feed upon weak. It's such an obligingly simple rule. Except in this world, my friends tried to be strong.'
'I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away.'
'For you all lives are created equal, that's why I came back to life. But you've finally come to realize it now, haven't you? Only one thing is equal for all, and that is death.'
'If you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you, you won't be able to walk.'
'Feelings of love are just a temporary lapse in judgement. Like a mental illness.'
'Give a kid a smoke he’ll be happy for a day. Teach him how to smoke… he’ll be happy for a whole shortened life.'
'To become a monster like me, is to admit you were too weak to remain a human.'
'An unforeseen situation... An unexpected turn of events... In the face of those, you too will face your true self.'
'If you trip while running down a hallway, you'll get a nosebleed. If you trip in life, you'll cry.'
'Fear is freedom! Subjugation is liberation! Contradiction is truth! These are the truths of this world!'
'I’ve always wanted someone to ask me if I would like fries with that.'
'Why do women have butts on their chests?'
'When does a man die? When he is hit by a bullet? No! When he suffers a disease? No! When he ate a soup made out of a poisonous mushroom? No! A man dies when he is forgotten!'
'Angels banished from heaven have no choice but to become devils.'
'People die if they are killed.'
'Stand up and walk...Move on...After all, you have perfect legs to stand on. '
'Only two kinds of people exist in this world, those whjo steal and those who are stolen from. So then, Today, I just stole your future. That's all.
'The ones who aren't human... the ones who aren't people... are YOU!'
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