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Forced Order
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LineWhat's missing?Song
Life as a _____ is pretty hard
Your love is like _____ on a chalkboard
Daddy never game to my ____ games
You don't have to be a member of _____ to understand the depths of my dilemma
Do you know what they call alternative _______ that's been proved to work, __________
He's such a happy boy, _____ every time he drinks beer.
A rent boy called _____ though I'm neither Welsh nor gay
I'm just saying that I don't think you're special, I mean you're special but you fall within a _____ curve
Cover the bodies of your women, everybody is grinning because black is so slimming though its not great for _____
Did you stop to think that's a bit rough, naming that poor little fella a _____
LineWhat's missing?Song
So my ________ Granny's gone, I've still got another one
Driving round with ____ you won't alter global markets
and you spread through me like malignant ______
bears don't dig on _______
Papa's gonna buy you a mocking bird, in the hope you get _____ flu
There's probably ______, are you picking it up?
Millions of kids in starving nations, living their lives with no ________
I never mix chicken with _______
But it's cool cos he's out ___________, as is his habit

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