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Creature police go around the capital of Arizona to bust people breaking the law involving animals.2009-2017
Watch adorable stages animals go through from birth. 2011-2014
Main character and his son build expensive second homes in the canopy. 2013-
Main characters and their families build marine displays for famous American’s homes. 2011-
Main character has a sanctuary for a certain type of ape.2008-
Main character wrestles mainly prehistoric saltwater animal but also encounters other animals like snakes, turtles, or sometimes even sharks.1996-2004
Rednecks teaching others to catch fish in unusual ways.2011-
Stories of people surviving fatal accidents by the people it happened to.2005-2012
Tracking several police through there daily activities in the colder parts of the U.S. in the forest.2012-
A group of adults go into different forests around the world in search of a hairy beast.2011-
Main character plays guitar by night but tames felines from the underworld by day.2011-
Main character travels around the world to fish specific bodies of water that are known to have a certain deadly myth to them. 2009-2017
Video clips of animals doing dangerous and frightening things toward people or other animals.2009-2010
Crazy stereotypical redneck goes to people’s homes to catch stray creatures and frequently makes loud, vibrating shout.2011-2014
A group of dwarves rescuing a certain kind of canine.2010-2013
Narrator describes the lives of two families of suricate in South Africa.2005-2009
Creature police go around a famous city in Texas to bust people breaking the law involving animals.2003-
The basics of canines.2008-2011
Two men who own a prehistoric animal rescue park in Florida go to people’s homes to capture said animal.2012-
Main character rescues canines from unhealthy habitats with the help from her family and “high risk” employees.2009-

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