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Can you name the Before and After Beatles Songs?

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Hint (Before)Hint (After)
Because you're sweet and lovely girl I love youThere's a fog upon L.A.
You know if you break my heart I'll goLet me hear your balalaikas ringing out
One day you'll look to see I've goneEverybody's laughing everybody's happy
I get high when I see you go byYou know I love you I'll always be true
Hold your hand out you silly girl see what you've doneWon't you come out to play
Well I gave you everything I had but you left me sitting on my ownNo one will be watching us
All you've gotta do is call and I'll be thereClose your eyes and I'll kiss you
She thinks of him and so she dresses in blackTake these broken wings and learn to fly
The day breaks your mind achesMove over once move over twice
Well how come you say you will when you wont?You were in a car crash and you lost your hair

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