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What Phoebe craves when pregnant
The name of Joey's recliner
The color of Joey and Chandler's couch
Where Emily is from?
Rachel's lucky outfit
Who is in love with Rachel?
What color is Rachel's room at Monica's?
Name a lesbian on the show
Who goes with Phoebe to her ultrasound?
Alice teaches...
What does Emily say when Ross says 'I love you'?
What Gate does Emily leave from for London?
What chocolate bar does Joey love?
What does Rachel wear to dinner with Joshua's parents?
Monica's rich boyfriend
Where does Chandler tell Janice he is moving?
What does Phoebe sell to try to make money?
What is her bigger plan?
What does Ross make for Joey, Rachel, and Charlie?
Who's haircut does Monica want?
Who's haircut does Phoebe give her?
Frank goes to what college?
What freaks Joshua out?

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