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Forced Order
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Who says the first line of the show?
What is Joey's catchphrase?
Who was Ross' second wife?
Who played Dr. Richard Burke?
What did Chandler do to be more like Richard?
What is Chandler's old roommate called?
What does Phoebe do to distract Chandler whilst playing football?
What does Rachel think Chandler's job is?
What is Monica's response to this?
What is Chandler eating when they move into the girl's apartment
Why did Ross and Carol divorce?
What was Tag's last name?
Who plays Phoebe?
Who married Phoebe and Mike?
What was Brad Pitt's character called?
What did Jack Geller say Chandler's shoes were made of?
What number was Ross' tan after the first tanning session?
What was the dog Phoebe looked after's name?
Who was the singing doctor Joey played?
What is Ross allergic to in Monica's pie?
What does Monica call this pie?
What was Rachel's dog called?
What is unagi?
What word does Ross shout at Rachel and Phoebe to scare them?
Who moves to Minsk?
What is Monica's drink?
Finish the lyric; 'Saw Santa Claus...'
What is Chandler's job?
What is Rachel's dad's nickname for Ross?
Who owned the cat that attacked Ross?
Name one of the films Jennifer Aniston has been in.
What is Rachel's resolution?
How does Rachel find out about Monica and Chandler?
What does Ross draw on Rachel's face on the way to Vegas?
What is the name of the casino?
Who says the last line of the show?

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