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What TV show's theme song makes Joey homesick in London?
What were Ross and Rachel going to name their baby, before Emma?
Who does Chandler get trapped with during the blackout?
Which roommate thinks he's bound to live like Mr. Heckles?
Where are Rachel and Paolo going to take a vacation, before he hits on Phoebe?
What does the sticker on Ross' childhood backpack say?
Rachel climbs out of this to escape her marriage with Barry
When Erica has contractions, she thinks they're stomach pains from what kind of food?
Ross gave up a career in what professional sports league to become an archaeologist?
How is Ross supposed to count?
What does Chandler think is the source of all his powers (which he had removed)?
What does Joey throw onto the fire?
Over the course of the 10 seasons, how many times to Ross and Rachel have sex?
Ross has a dream he's playing football with Ben; what team is he playing against?
What does Ross call Paolo?
Joey's Southern accent kept coming out...
According to Mrs. Bing, which Friends character is the 'romantic hero'?
What is the extra slice of bread in Ross' sandwich called?
When Ross got high, where did he put some of his dad's records?
What type of sushi is 'Unagi'?
What does the tiny t-shirt say?
Monica complains to Richard that Chandler can only talk about...
Where does the recipe from Phoebe's grandmother's famous chocolate chip cookies come from?
What movie do Ross and Joey watch before becoming nap partners?
When confronting the 'fake Monica', Monica says her name is...
What is the name of Joey's cabbage patch doll?
Who sang at Ross and Rachel's imagined wedding?
What does Joey want to do in Barbados?
During the ride-a-long, what is Joey really trying to save when the car backfires?
Ross' insanely white teeth get exposed because of a...

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