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What is Sweeney Todd's real name?Whole Name please
What is his occupation?
Who is his attractive accomplice?
What is her occupation?
Who found Sweeney in the ocean?He's a sailor :)
What color hair does Johanna have?The color said in the movie
What song does Johanna sing?
What does Pirelli try to do to Sweeney?That's why he died
Who works in the pie shop after his master disappears?
Where does the attractive accomplice want to live?It's the name of a song!
What does the boy see of Pirelli's that gives Sweeney away?
What is the special ingredient in the pies?
Who does the beggar lady turn out to be?
What did #13 poison herself with?From the apothecary around the corner
What is the boy's favorite alcoholic drink?
Who keeps Johanna hidden?Include his title
What kind of women do the villain and Sweeney sing about?
What are the razors made of?
What town does the movie take place in?It's in England :)
Who dies last in the movie?So sad :(

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