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What city do Barbra Jean and Borck visit?
In 'Location, Location, Location', which country was Kyra offered to travel to?
How much would the above trip cost?In numbers please
Who is 'The Feud' between?
In which episode do Barbra Jean and Reba have an 'organized fight'?
Who did Reba break up with in order to marry Brock?He used to be a good friend of Reba and Brock
In which episode do Reba and Barbra Jean hold a silent auction?
In which episode does Reba almost spend Christmas Eve alone?
Why do the Montgomerys lose their campus apartment?4 words
What does Reba not want Jake to eat at Barbra Jean's house?
In 'Mommy Nearest', what does jake say to Barbra Jean that makes Reba angry?
What does Elizabeth do all the time in 'House Rules'?
In that same episode, what does Reba call Barbra Jean that she must apologize for later?
In 'Reba Works for Brock' who is Reba's boss?It's not Brock :)
When Van fell off Reba's roof, what does he injure?
What energy drink does Reba try?
How many does she think she needs to try to get real energy?

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