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When does Cheyenne go into labor?
What was Laurie Ann's advice to Reba above dividing the marital assetts?
At one of Cheyenne's Lamaze classes, what does Reba hit Brock with?
A recruiter from a college comes to see Van in 'Labor of Love'. What college is that?
In 'Every Picture Tells A Story' what two things does Van cut out of Cheyenne's life for the baby?
In that same episode, what does Reba sell to a boy named Keith?
What did Barbra Jean buy on Reba's credit card for $4,000?
When Brock has his 'Special Day' with Jake, where does he take him?
In 'You Make Me Sick' what is Cheyenne battling?
In which episode does Reba take up substitute teaching, but is fired soon after?
What does Reba's mother throw away after it is brought to Reba's house by Barbra Jean?
What does Brock do for Jake to make up for all of the time he is spending with Henry?What is it he builds?
What are the names of the babies born during this season?
What does van work as to try to pay for half of his car?
What position does Cheyenne pine for in 'The King and I'?

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