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Where is Sandy from?
Where did Danny meet her?
Where do they go to school?
Besides high school, what does Frenchy drop out of?
What does Sandy become that gets her noticed by the jocks?
Which Pink Lady thinks she's pregnant?
Who does she think is the father?
Accoring to Frenchie, the only man a girl can depend on is her _____.
What 2 things do the girls get Sandy to try at the sleepover?
What is the name of the song Rizzo makes up about Sandy?
What's the name of Danny's group?
What color does Frenchie's hair become?
Name a sport that Danny tries...
What song do the guys sing about their new car?
Where does Danny make his move on Sandy that infuriates her?
What does Rizzo throw at Kenickie in the diner?
Name one of the popular 50s songs that played in the diner?
What big event happens at the high school that is televised?
Where do the fellas race?
Which gang do they race against?
Sandy says Danny needs to ____ up, 'cause she needs a man!

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