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Can you name the answers to these questions about the movie Elf?

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Elves love to tell _______.
Where did Buddy crawl into Santa's bag?
What do elves do that gnomes and trolls can't?
Recite one rule of the code of the elves...
What does Papa elf work on?
Where do the reindeer get their magic from?
Which toy was Buddy making when he called himself a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins?
What kind of toy does Buddy test since he has 'special' talents?
What is Leon made of?
Name one of the geographical features Buddy passes through on his way to New York?
What does Santa tell Buddy not to eat when he goes to New York?
What does Buddy think a peep show lets him look at?
What does the snowglobe that Buddy has have in it?
This animal attacks Buddy in the forest...
Where does Buddy get a job?
Buddy finds the world's best ___ __ ______!
What kind of car does Buddy get run over by?
Buddy's father is named...
Buddy says the elevator buttons looks like a _________ ____...
Debra thought Buddy was going to sing a _________ ____!
Buddy likes to _______ too.
What is the fruit spray Buddy uses?
Which public transportation device does Buddy... have trouble using?
'Hey! Have you seen these _______? They're ginormous!'
Buddy thinks Jovie shares his affinity for elf _______.
Buddy's in a store and he's _______!
What song do Buddy and Jovie sing together in the bathroom?
Buddy finds a friend in Michael, his _______.
What song did Buddy sing for Santa on his birthday?
What does the fake Santa smell like?
Buddy eats some of these in the doctor's office...
His finger has a _________.
What does Buddy put syrup on?
What kind of fight do Buddy and Michael get trapped in?
Why is your coat so ___?
Son of a __________!
What are Jovie and Buddy doing when he kisses her?
Fun? So ________ are fun now? See, I thought ________ were ________!
Buddy thinks Debra's face should be on the front of a _________ ____
Where does Buddy work that has shiny bins?
Which night does Walter's boss fly in?
Where does Santa's sleigh break down?
What song does Jovie sing to the crowd?
What do Buddy and Jovie name their baby?

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