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QUIZ: Can you name the Christmas Fill in the Blank?

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LineMissing Lyric
'In the lane snow is __________. A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight...Walking in a winter wonderland'
'Children laughing, people passing, meeting _____ after _____'
'We'll frolic and play the ______ way'
'Don we now our ___ apparel'
'_________ roasting on an open fire'
'Here we are as in _____ days'
'Four _______ birds'
'For every year the _________ ____ brings to us all both joy and glee'
LineMissing Lyric
'Little lord Jesus, no ______ he makes'
'Christ the ever-lasting ____'
'And wonders of his ____'
'Sleep in ________ peace'
'Peace on Earth and _____ mild'
'O little town of Bethlehem, how _____ we see thee lie.'
'When they pass around the chocolate and the _______ ___'

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