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Can you name the The Squire of Gothos?

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Who are the two crewmen that are taken to the planet by the squire?
How many years behind is the Squire basing his observations on Earth?
What formal word does the Squire use for “meal?”
Finish this : Do you know that you are the one of the few predator species that preys even on ______
According to the squire, when humans don’t understand something, we become ? of it?
What two world leaders does the Squire imitate?
How many miles does Kirk plan to put between him and the madman?
What does McCoy say he is quaking from?
How does The Squire describe DeSalle’s fury?
Which crewwomen are beamed down to Gothos?
Which mythical woman does The Squire relate the blonde crewwoman to?
“I object to _________ without discipline. I object to _____ without constructive purpose.”
According to McCoy what is Spock’s magic word?
What two adjectives does the Captain use to describe the Squire’s mind?
What feeling does the Squire think the Captain is experiencing before they fight?
What is the name of the Squire?
What game does the Captain intend to play with the duel?
Where is the Squire’s powerful machine?
After leaving Gothos, what planet does the Enterprise keep running into?
In what form is the captain supposed to be executed?
What does Kirk say is missing in a simple execution?
What kind of hunt takes place– Predator against Predator?
What does the Squire do right before Kirk strikes?
Who are the two green spirits at the end?
What do the crewmen end up classifying Trelane as in the memory banks?

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