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Who wears the 'A'?
What does the 'A' stand for?
Where does Hester stand while the people stare at her?
Who is she holding in her arms?
What does Hester say when she is asked why she wears the A by her daughter?
Who is Pearl's father?
What place in the book represents a meetingplace with the devil?
What does the A in the sky mean to the townspeople?
Where does Pearl say she comes from?
Who is taking care of Dimmesdale?
Who can Hester not make garments for?
What kind of religious society does the story take place in?
What does Dimmesdale have the habit of doing?
What does the 'A' come to mean as Hester continues to grow?
What is Mistress Hibbins commonly known as?
Who wrote this book?
What number has special symbolism in the book?
Where is Hester in the beginning of the book?
Who does the physician say he has been kept hostage by?
How long do Hester and Dimmesdale wait to profess their love?

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