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QuestionAnswerHint Hint :)
What does Reba call herself the morning after Kyra makes her decision about moving?All three words start with R's :)
How long was Reba in labor with Kyra?Use number
What was in the basket that Barbra jean brought to Reba and Brock as a housewarming gift?It makes a dead cat taste good :)
Who gave Kyra the friendship necklace?
h family member did pot and was found out?It's in the title of the episode
In 'War and Peace' what is the family no longer aloud to hvae at the dinner table in Brock's house?
In 'The Best and the Blondest' what does Cheyenne decide to become?Ironically
In 'The Ghost and Mrs. Hart' whatdoes Barbra jean see in the mirror that makes her scream?
QuestionAnswerHint Hint :)
What quality about Cheyenne does Van complain about in 'War and Peace'?
In 'The Great Race' what is Barbra Jean teaching Cheyenne to do?She should have saved her breath
What does Van want to do to show he's one of the team?It doesn't turn out well
When Barbra Jean thinks Brock is having an affair, what is he really doing?
In which episode does Kyra start sneaking back into Reba's house at night?
In 'Girl's Night Out' what is being celebrated?
In 'Core Focus' what does Barbra Jean tell Brock she wants?Again???

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