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“Lucy Plays Cupid” who is the love note really from?
What is special about the children Lucy must baby-sit?
What two kinds of acts does Lucy try to get into in “The Ballet”?
What song do Lucy and Ricky start singing early in the morning that starts the fight in “Breaking the Lease”?
What color does Lucy supposedly turn when she becomes mysteriously ill?
What are the Young Fan’s names?
is Lucy when she overhears about “the plot against the Ricardos?”
Whose place does Lucy take in “The Audition?”
What is the name of Lucy’s best girlfriend?
What song does Lucy interrupt in “Lucy is Jealous of Girl Singer?”
What is “the ultimate gift” to Lucy?
In 'Be a Pal' which game does Lucy take up to try to rekindle romance with Ricky?
How much money does Lucy win for pretending she had a first husband?
What does Lucy put on her face in “The Moustache” instead of Spirit Gum?
Who is Grace Foster supposedly running away with?
In what episode does Lucy make a large loaf of bread?
Who does Ricky ask Mr. Littlefield for?
In 'The Publicity Agent” what royal person does Lucy pose as?
In “The Kleptomaniac”, what does Lucy reveal as her greatest prize at the end of the episode?

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