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In 'Fools for Love' how do house's patients related?
Who is the male guest star in the episode mentioned above?
When the 'coma guy' wakes up, what does he ask for?
In 'Needle in a Haystack', what culture/traditions does the patient practice?
What was the cause of the patient above's internal bleeding?
In which episode does House treat a CIPA patient?
In 'Half Wit', what specific thing is the musical savant able to do at the end of the show the he couldn't do in the beginning?
In what episode does house deal with a rape victim?
In 'Cane and Able' what is the patient being kidnapped by?
In 'Finding Judas' what is the patient allergic to?
In 'The Jerk' which doctor does the patient keep hitting on?
In that same episode, what game is the patient excellent at?
In 'Human Error' where does the couple come to see House from?
How long is the patient from 'Human Error' given CPR before being put on bypass?
In 'House Training' whose romantic past does house delve into?

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