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Can you name the details of the movie Clue?

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Where is the dinner party?
What is the maid’s name?
What is the butler’s name?
What do all of the dinner guests make their living off of?
What two rooms must the butler keep tidy?Put in ABC order and seperate by commas
Which rooms hold the corpses?
Who does Yvette search the attic with?
Who searches the cellar with Mrs. Peacock?
Which murder victim was acquainted with Colonel Mustard?
Which key was the butler supposed to throw away but didn’t?
Who is blackmailing everybody?
Which victim was associated with Mrs. Peacock?
Which victim was Miss Scarlet bribing?
What job does Mrs. Peacock’s husband hold?
How many husbands did Mrs. White have?
Who said, “If I was the killer, I would kill you next!”
What fell twice while the guests were in the hall?
What does the butler get hit on the head with?
What four rooms contain a secret passage? (ABC order)ABC Order please :)
What is Miss Scarlet’s defense mechanism?

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