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What do most people say was the main cause of the Civil War?
What does CSA stand for?
Who was President of the CSA?
Who was the General in charge of the CSA's army?
Who was the General in charge of the Union army?
What freed the slaves in the Border States?
Who freed the slaves?
What book was known to cause upset that focused on the brutality of slavery?
Who wrote that book?
What was the first state to secede from the Union?
Where was the first battle?
Who became President after Lincoln was assassinated?
What term is used to describe the taking away of the right to vote?
What laws enforced segregation in the South?
What group was similar to a 'Red Cross' for freedmen post Civil War?
What amendment abolished slavery?
What does the 15th amendment give all men the right to do?
What term was used to describe a Southerner who supported the new laws of the North?
Who is one of the most famous conductors of the Underground Railroad?
In the Compromise of 1850, what state entered the Union as a free state?
What did the North's economy depend on?
What did the South's economy rely upon?

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