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Can you name the Back to the Future I details?

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What song does Marty hear as he walks into town?
What is Goldie Wilson working in, instead of running for mayor?
Who does Marty run into in the café?
What does Marty catch George doing?
Who ends up getting hit by the car?
Who does Marty wake up talking to?
What color are Marty’s underwear?
What does Lorraine think Marty’s name is?
What does Marty tell Joey he better get used to?
What show does the family watch at dinner?
Lorraine’s mother thinks Marty is strange, while the father thinks he’s an _____
When Marty finds the Doc, what does Doc use a machine to do?
What is the dog’s name now?
Who is the president during Marty’s time that Doc refuses to believe?
What is the Doc’s most common phrase?
What is the only thing able to generate the energy needed?
What did Principal Strickland apparently never have?
What is Marty’s most commonly used phrase?
What does George do at lunch instead of eat?
What do Lorraine and Marty relate Biff’s hands to?
Who does Marty dress up as to intimidate George into asking Lorane out?
What gets dumped onto Biff’s brand new car?
What is Biff’s moronic phrase to make people exit?

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