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Can you name the Back to the Future III?

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What does Marty find out that his mom does in the car?
When Lorane kisses Marty, who does she feel like she’s kissing?
Who does George end up fighting with?
Where does Marty get stuck?
Who ends up taking Marvin’s place in the band?
What song does the band perform?
Who does Marvin get on the phone to listen to Marty play?
What song does Marty play as lead?
Who takes Lorraine home?
What name does Lorane really like for a child?
What does Marty set fire to when he is a child?
Who gets struck along with the car and clock tower?
What time does lightning strike the clock?
What does the Doc end up wearing that saves his life?
What does Marty acquire at the end of the movie?
What is the new name of the mall?
Where does the oldest brother work now?
How far in time does Doc plan to travel?
Now who works for George?
What does Doc say is the cause of Marty’s and Jennifer’s future problems?

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