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Can you name the Back to the Future I details?

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What is the first thing shown when the movie starts (after fade in)?
What is the last name of Michael J. Fox’s character?
What is the name of the doctor that helps the main character?
What is the lovable dog’s name?
How many minutes slow are the clocks?
What does Marty blow up in the beginning of the movie?
According to the principal, what are people like Marty and his father called?
Finish this phrase: Save the _____ _____
What is the name of Marty’s girlfriend?
What city does Marty live in?
Who is the villain in this movie?
What is the name of the mall Marty goes to at 1:15 a.m.
What is Marty’s mother’s name?
What show is the family watching at dinnertime?
What job does the oldest brother take?
Which uncle is always in prison?
What dance did Marty’s mother and father attend?
What is Marty’s usual transportation tool?
What does the Doc unveil at the mall?
What does the Doc steal from the Libyians?
21.To what speed must the Delorean get up to in order to… work?
Which is the first example that Doc gives of a date to explore?
What did Doc have a vision of that makes time travel possible?
24. How many giga watts need to be generated to make the travel possible?
What date does Marty go back to?
What is Marty wearing that Old Man Peabody thinks he is an alien?

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