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Can you name the details from Back to the Future 3 (middle)??

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Name one of the makeshift businesses Marty sees on the street.
What does Marty borrow from Shamus?
What alias does Marty go by?
Who is looking for Doc besides Marty?
What dance step does Marty show off in the saloon?
What is being built in the middle of the town?
How much money does Doc supposedly owe his murderer?
What does the huge machine in Doc’s shop make?
What is Clara’s last name?
What is her occupation?
What does Doc try putting in the car instead of gasoline?
What does Doc fix for Clara?
What does the Doc always apologize about because they are never up to scale?
What nickname does Marty apparently still hold when he succeeds at shooting?
Finish this: The Doc can _____?!
What is the name of the deputy that makes Buford check his guns?
What is the brand of pie pans that Marty finds funny?
What day is Marty’s showdown?
Who does their killing after breakfast?
Finish this: “I sure hope you’re considering the ______, Mr. Eastwood.”

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