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Can you name the Alias Grace?

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Who is the author of the book?
What is the name of the main character?
Fill in the blank. Dr. _____ Jordan
Who was Grace's accomplice in the murder?
What was the name of the boy that lived next door that fancied Grace?
Who is Dr. James DuPont?
Who is the man of the house where the murders take place?
Who is in love with #7?
Who does Dr. Jordan end up having an affair with unknowingly?
Who was Grace's best friend?
What was the 'mistake' #10 tried to get rid of, but ended up dying in consequence?
Who is Dora?
Whose dresses is Grace always fixing?
In what city is Grace jailed for three months after capture?
What were in the pictures on #7's wall that Grace found strange?
What was special about the day that Jamie Walsh asked to be Grace's sweetheart?
Which was Grace's favorite horse?
What was the name of Grace's lawyer?
What was the name of a chapter in the book, a poem, a quilt pattern, and a U.S. vessel?
What was the first thing Dr. Jordan brought to Grace in the Penitentiary?

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