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Mel Gibson; American Revolution2000
Michael Bay; WWII; Kamikaze; Affleck2001
Owen Wilson; Bosnia2001
Helicopters; RPGs; Oct. 3 19932001
Mel Gibson; Vietnam War; a bugle2002
American Civil War; Jeff Daniels; Gettysburg prequel?2003
Achilles; Wooden horse; Helen2004
Hitler's final days2004
Gulf War;USMC;Snipers;Jamie Foxx2005
US soldiers; WWII; Clint Eastwood2006
Miner;Djimon Hounsou; Leonardo Dicaprio2006
Japanese soldiers; WWII; Clint Eastwood2006
Werner Herzog; Dieter Dengler;Prison camp2007 (US Nationwide)
Zack Snyder; Frank Miller; 8 pack abs2007
Danish; WWII; Holger Danske resistance group2008
Ben Stiller;Idiots making a Vietnam war movie2008
Nazi Germany; Tom Cruise; Kill Hitler2008
Jewish rebels;Bielski brothers;Daniel Craig2008
US EOD team; Jeremy Renner; IED2009
Hans Landa; Aldo Raine; Shosanna; The Bear Jew2009
US Army Casuality Notification service; Ben Foster; Woody Harrelson2009

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