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Can you name the 2000-2009 Sci-Fi Movies?

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John Travolta; Scientology; Failed miserably2000
Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, James Garner; Soviet satellite2000
Tim Burton; Sci-fi classic remake that originally starred Charlton Heston2001
Haley Joel Osment; Androids; Spielberg; Jude Law is a robo prostitute2001
Precrime; Tom Cruise; Philip K. Dick2002
Sequel about humans versus machines; Keanu Reeves; bullet time2003
Sir Laurence Olivier; Digital backlot; Jude Law; Angelina Jolie2004
Will Smith; Murder; Three Laws2004
Ignorance is Bliss; Michel Gondry; Charlie Kaufman2004
7000 dollars budget; Time travel; box2004
Quarantine;Lottery; Ewan McGregor; Scarlett Johansson2005
George Lucas; Dark Side2005
Defunct tv show; Brown coat; Nathan Fillion; Joss Whedon2005
Alan Moore; London; Vigilante2006
Infertility; Clive Owen2006
Robots; Explosions; Mike Bay2007
Pixar; Buy n Large; EVE2008
DNA; Adrien Brody; Sarah Polley; Hybrids2009
Sam Rockwell; Mining; GERTY2009
Sharlto Copley; prawns; heavy-handed metaphor2009
Smurfs; Dances with Wolves; more heavy-handed metaphors2009

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