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What's the biggest EU member country by area?551,695 square kilometres
What's the longest film to win Best Picture at the Oscars?3 hours 58 minutes
What's the biggest-selling single worldwide of all time?50 million copies sold
What's the tallest building in the world?830m
What's the biggest freshwater lake in the world by volume?23,615 cubic kilometres
What's the largest living species of fish?Up to 12.65m
What's the biggest desert in the world by area?14,000,000 square kilometres (5.4 million sq mi)
What's the highest mountain peak in North America?6190m
What's the name of the largest living individual tree (by wood volume) in the world?Species: giant sequoia (1,487 cubic metres)
What's the highest waterfall in the world?979m
What's the tallest nation in the world by average adult height?Men: 180.8cm (5'11''), Women: 167.5cm (5'6'')
What's the biggest island in Canada by area?507,451 square kilometres (195,928 sq mi)
What's the longest William Shakespeare play by word count?4,024 lines; 29,551 words
What's the highest-grossing film worldwide of all time?$2,796,272,738
What's the biggest-selling album worldwide of all time?46 million copies sold
What's the biggest Australian state by area?2,529,875 square kilometres (976,790 sq mi)
What's the biggest Major League Baseball stadium by spectator capacity?56,000
What's the longest-running TV soap opera in the world?9th December 1960 - present
What's the heaviest internal organ in the human body?Average weight 1.6kg (3.5lb)
What's the busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic?107,394,029 passengers (2018)

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