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Forced Order
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Virgil's weird brother
Sgt. Brody's son that does karate
CIA agent that eats more xanax than anyone on earth
Member of the Vice President's staff, gets shot by Tom Walker
How Carrie gets her meds, her sister
Bald guy that does illegal surveillance with Carrie
U.S. Marine captain that bangs his best friend's wife
U.S. Marine Sniper turned terrorist
Terrorist and High-ranking member of Al-Qaeda
Boss and mentor of Carrie, CIA Middle-East division chief
Saul's wife that leaves him
Former director of CIA and Vice President of the USA
Director of CIA Counterterrorism. Cheated on his wife with Carrie
Sgt. Brody's hot wife that sleeps with his best friend while he becomes a terrorist
Son of terrorist leader, killed in drone strike and causes Brody to be a terrorist
Prince Farid's smokin hot girlfriend and CIA informant
POW of 8 years. Masturbates on his wife
Sgt. Brody's daughter that smokes weed in their house

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