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Can you name the clues corresponding to each military rank??

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Private1980 Goldie Hawn movie
Private2007 Grey's Anatomy Spinoff
Private1993 book and 1997 movie with Howard Stern
CorporalSpanking, whipping, caning, etc.
CorporalCross-dresser from M*A*S*H*
CorporalFeed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick, etc.
SergeantTitle character played by Phil Silvers and Steve Martin
SergeantArnold Schwarzenegger's late father in law
SergeantBeetle Bailey's commanding officer
LieutenantGavin Newsom's current job after being mayor of San Fran
LieutenantForrest Gump's friend and commanding officer
Lieutenant1992 Harvey Keitel movie (words reversed)
CaptainSummoned by five magic rings (earth, air, fire, water, heart)
CaptainAlter-ego of Billy Batson ('Shazam!')
CaptainCaptain of the NCC-1701D
Major1989 Charlie Sheen movie
MajorSeven consecutive notes in an Ionian pattern
MajorIsaiah, Jeremiah, Baruch, Ezekiel, Daniel
ColonelMight be found in the Kitchen with a Knife
ColonelFinal words: 'The horror... the horror.'
ColonelCamp commander who could never get the drop on Hogan
GeneralThey own Betty Crocker, Old El Paso and Haagen-Dazs
GeneralLongest still running soap opera in the US
GeneralThe main deliberative, policymaking, and representative body of the United Nations
Admiral'It's a trap!'

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