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Can you name the TV show by the fictional town in which it is set or references?

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LocationTV ShowYears On Air
Quahog, Rhode Island1999-
Mayberry, North Carolina1960-1968
Cicely, Alaska1990-1995
Cabot Cove, Maine1984-1996
[SHOW TITLE], Kansas2001-2011
Stuckeyville, Ohio2000-2004
Capeside, Massachusetts1998-2003
[SHOW TITLE], Washington1990-1991
Agrestic, California2005-
Arlen, TX1997-2010
Charming, California2008-
[SHOW TITLE], Kansas2006-2008
Sunnydale, California1997-2003
[SHOW TITLE], Colorado1997-
Pawnee, Indiana2009-
Neptune, California2004-2007
Lanford, Illinois1988-1997
LocationTV ShowYears On Air
Stars Hollow, Connecticut2000-2007
Elmo, Alaska2006-2008
[PARTIAL SHOW TITLE], Georgia1979-1985
Point Place, Wisconsin1998-2006
Bon Temps, Louisiana2008-
New New York, New York1999-2003, 2010-
Langley Falls, Virginia2005-
[SHOW TITLE], Colorado2002-2006
Rome, Wisconsin1992-1996
Camp Singleton, California1989-1993
Dillon, Texas2006-2011
St. Olaf, Minnesota1985-1992
Rutherford, Ohio1996-2001
Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean1999-
King's Landing, Westeros2011-
Orbit City1962-1963

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