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Slew the dragon with his lance.
Taught the Trinity with a shamrock.
Did not die despite being shot through by numerous arrows.
His cross is commemorated on the national flag of Scotland.
Is said to have carried his own head up the hill now known as “Montmartre”.
Fervent follower of St Francis of Assisi. She cared for him when he was sick, and until his death.
Patron Saint of Paris. The people believe she protected them with her prayers when Attila the Hun was about to attack.
His statue is often buried in the lawn to assure the sale of a house.
Patron Saint of Musicians, she lived for days after three attempts to behead her.
Llanddewi Breffi is named for him. He ate bread and leeks.
Was stabbed to death by his own pupils using their sharp pens.
The greater. Pilgrims make their way to Santiago de Compostela.
A great Dane.
The saint to turn to if you’ve lost or misplaced something.
Associated with the fifteen “Oes”, she is the patron saint of Sweden.
Winfrid brought down Thor’s Oak, patron saint of Germany.
The first American-born saint.
His remains were stolen in Alexandria, covered with pork, and shipped back to Venice, where they are housed in the great basilica bearing his name.
She knelt before the real king, while an imposter sat upon the throne.
When all else fails, turn to the saint of lost causes and desperation.

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