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A popular vote by ballot
The outdated social system held by the French
The first estate
The second estate
Napoleon's most lasting reform in history
A dissenting group of people
Arrogant French Queen resented by the people
The member of the legislature was said to be the 'engine' of the Reign of Terror
A government ruled by elected reps. instead of a monarch
His financial advisor was Jacques Necker and he ran up substantial debts for France
The declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was modeled after whose declaration
The title given to the French middle class
The policy that the Russians used against Napoleon which involved burning the villages crops around Napoleon's army
The new policies in Europe abolished what old form of government
This man believed France could achieve a great republic through terror
Robespierre eventually established a policy referred to as what
After Robespierre's execution politicians turned to who as an outlet
The strong feeling of pride in ones country
Napoleon was crushed in the famous battle in 1815
Leaders met here to restore Europe after years of war

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