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Can you name the events in William H. Seward's Life?

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What was Seward's birth year?
Where was Seward born?
Where did Seward attend college?
When did Seward move to Auburn?
What was the year in which he married?
Seward's wife's maiden name is?
Where is the Seward House located
How many sons did Seward have?
What were their names?
How many daughters did Seward have?
What were their names?
What was Seward's first public office?
Under which political party did he run for his first public office?
Who prompted Seward into politics?
Seward was elected Governor of New York in what year?
How many terms was he Governor?
What party did he run for Governor under?
What was Seward's next political appointment?
Who was the individual the Sewards were involved with while helping slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad?
What year did Seward become a Republican?
In which year did Seward run for the Republican nomination for the presidency?
Who else ran against him for the nomination
Who won the nomination?
Which cabinet position would Seward receive in 1860?
Where in Washington, DC was Seward's home located
What was the date of the assassination attempt on Seward's life?
Who attempted the assassination?
Who succeeded Abraham Lincoln after he was assassinated?
In what year did the United States purchase 'Russian America' aka Alaska?
How much did the government pay for Alaska
Who was the Czar of Russia during the negotiations?
What was the year that Seward retired from public life?
What did he die from?
What was year of his death?
Who was left the House after his death?
What year did the House open to the general public as a museum?
Name the first President to visit the home?
Name the last President to visit the home?

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