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Forced Order
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hinttoby trace or tim
Has 3 daughters
Has 2 daughters and 1 son
Father was a MLB player
Was shot through the heart and both lungs
Dueted with Willie Nelson
Dueted with his wife
Is 5 feet 10.5 inches
Wrote a song about his father
Is 6 feet 3 inches
Has almost died many times
Is married to another country music artists
Acted in the Blind Side
hinttoby trace or tim
Has a song about a cow and a chicken
Acted in the Lincoln Lawyer
Named an album after his grandmas bar
Has a song about indians
Acted in Broken Bridges
Is 6 feet 6 inches
Has his own chain of restaurants
Has been married 3 times
Dueted with Blake Shelton
Has 5 daughters
Has a song about a cup
Worked in the oil industry

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