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line of the songrest of lineamount of words
And you sir do not have a pair of testicles...6
Take a trail ride if you know what I mean...7
When the sun sinks down over the water...8
The moon is high and the night is young come on and meet me...11
Sent her down south for a higher education..10
Cause I got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns...11
So I tried to move on but I found that each women I held...6
Everytime I turn that truck around, right at the Georgia line and I count the days...12
Kids on the youtube learnin how to be cool...11
But I know Jesus and I talk to God...9
Waitin' for the love of a travelin' soldier our love will never end...8
Its the way you love me,its a feeling like this...6
Ive been waitin all week just to have a good time..10
Ive been through your pockets and smelled your shirts..7
shake it for the young bucks sittin in the honkytonks...9
line of the songrest of lineamount of words
That our night out of the house aint gonna last too long...10
When you think riding a wild bull sounds crazy...8
Strange, I ought to be in bed with my head in the pillow crying..7
That the sweetest thing youll ever see...9
All my life Ive been looking for someone like you...9
Alyssa lies to the classroom Alyssa lies every day at school Alyssa lies to the teacher...7
Its a crazytown full of neon dreams everybody plays everybody sings...15
Hank Aron smacked it Michael Jordan dunked it Pocahontas tracked it Jack Daniels drunk it...16
Our song is the way you laugh first date man I didnt kiss her and I should have...17
But now hes wrapped around her finger shes the center of his whole world...13
Like strawberry wine and 17 the hot july moon saw everything my first taste of love oh bittersweet...8
yeah heel toe do si do come on baby lets go boot scooting oh cadillac blackjack baby meet me out back were gonna boogie oh...10
Like snowflakes when the weather warms up like leaves on the trees when the autumn comes like the dogwood blossums in a late spring rain ...9
It puts the gas in my truck butter on my biscuits...10
Homeboy your gonna wish one day you were sitting on the gate of a truck by the lake...14

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