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And you say we shouldnt worry bout Bin Laden
Wide open down a two lane highway it's about time that some things went my way
The one who knew just what to say to make me laugh again
I guess I'll just stay out here until I know the coast is clear sit and watch the tide roll in
Where we get the money honey I don't know one more baby's alright by me
BBQ grill, summertime jam just about a mile above the Pickwick dam party on the water, whole lotta fun
We said a prayer for Cousin Michael in Iraq we're all aware that he may never make it back
Now someday someone's gonna love me true and baby when she does then I wonder what you're gonna do
Sarah's old car's about to fall apart and the washer quit last week we had to put momma in the nursing home and the babys cutting teeth
I said I just came back from a place where they hated me and everything I stand for

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