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Forced Order
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Husslers shootin' eightball Throwin' darts at the wallFeelin' damn near 10 ft. tall...
Keep a closet full of Red Bull and Visine to hide the redI don't need the rest, I can sleep when I'm dead...
Ooh la la la la la Looking good Carlene Woh my my my my my Times been good to you If you know what I mean...
I got more in this heart of mine way more than you'll ever find in all those boys who hang around your door...
Every once in a while she'll give me that smile and say, I just don't see somebody like you lovin' somebody like me...
Swingin' on a rope, gonna have a ball Jumpin' off the Yellow Creek waterfall Checking out the honeys baking in the sun...
And there's somethin' 'bout a kiss, that's gonna lead to more On that dropped tailgate, back behind the corn...
I'm sure you've waited for a long long time to find a man like mine But honey you're too late...
Then he said,'I was just comin' round the barn' 'Bout the time you grabbed my arm...

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