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Speaker's of different languages think differently
Discriminatory but unintentional, and would consider themselves englightened when it comes to race
Discriminatory behavior that may or may not have institutional power behind it
Unequal treatment or behavior because of group membership
Individual having a set of vulnerabilities that when activated by stress will lead to emergence of health problem
Negative feeling toward an individual based solely on his/her membership to a particular group
High Extraversion/ Medium Neuroticism
Beliefs that associate groups with traits
Freedom from disease, pain, defect
Expereiences as persistent fear of being offensive to others
Fear of dressing inappropriately or being in the wrong place
Seen as an Illness in one or few cultural settings/ Resembles a Western disease category
Do not acknowledge a lack of joy, hopelessness or loss of self-esteem
Balance between self and nature
Ability to bounce back
Five Factor Model of Personality
Anorexia and Bulimia
Syndrome characterized by period of brooding followed by outburst of violence
Sudden and intense anxiety that the penis will recede into the body and cause death
Old-school racisim, open and hostile
Absence of negative states/Presence of positive states
Cluster of characteristics that allow individuals to deal with high levels of stress
Discriminatory racism that is intentional but covered up so that one can deny they are racist
Physiological,Psychological, Spiritual
Personality type associated with Cardiovascular disease
Least control in Facial expression
Use of more than one language in conversation
Clinically significant behavioral and psychological syndrome or pattern that occurs in an individual

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