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Top 10 Australia's appaerances for the national team (as of 06/2017)
109, 1993-2013 
100, 2004- 
96, 1996-2013 
95, 1998-2012 
87, 1988-1998 
84, 1986-1996 
80, 2004-2014 
76, 1991-2006 
71, 2008- 
Australia's XI in Round of 16 in 2006 FIFA World Cup (lost 1:0 vs Italy)
GK, Middlesbrough 
DF, Blackburn Rovers 
DF, Newcastle 
DF, Basel 
MF, Parma 
MF, Bristol City 
MF, Basel 
AMC/FW, Everton 
FW, Middlesbrough 
Top 10 Empoli's transfer record departures (as of 08/2017)
to Middlesbrough in 2002-03 
to Valencia in 2006-07 
to Napoli in 2016-17 
to Fiorentina in 2018-19 
to Juventus in 2007-08 
to Palermo in 2008-09 
to Roma in 2017-18 
to Napoli in 2015-16 
to Sampdoria in 2010-11 
Played 8 or more games in 2004–05 UEFA Cup for Parma (reached Semi-finals, lost to CSKA Moscow 3:0 on aggregate)
12, Italy 
10, Italy 
10, Italy 
10, Italy 
9, Colombia 
9, Brazil 
9, Australia 
9, Italy 
8, Italy 
8, Italy 
Played 30 or more games in 2006-07 Serie A for Palermo (finished 5th, club's record high)
36, DF, Italy 
36, DF, Italy 
33, MF, Brazil 
33, MF, Italy 
33, DF, Italy 
31, GK, Italy 
30, DF, Italy 
Scored a goal in 2009-10 Serie A for Palermo (finished 5th, club's record high)
19, FW, Italy 
13, FW, Uruguay 
7, FW, Uruguay 
5, FW, Croatia 
3, MF, Brazil 
3, MF, Argentina 
2, DF, Denmark 
2, MF, Italy 
2, DF, Italy 
1, DF, Italy 
1, MF, Italy 
Wore the shirt number 23 in 2010-11 Serie A
Cesena, Italy 
Milan, Italy 
Fiorentina, Italy 
Bari, Italy 
Roma, Italy 
Brescia, Italy 
Cagliari, Italy 
Catania, Italy 
Wore the shirt number 23 in 2010-11 Serie A cont.
Chievo, Guinea 
Genoa, Italy 
Inter, Italy 
Juventus, Italy 
Parma, Italy 
Napoli, Uruguay 
Udinese, Switzerland 
Lecce, Uruguay 
Palermo, Italy 

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