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2000 UEFA Euro Runner-up squad (lost 2:1 vs France on golden goal)
1, GK, Milan 
2, DF, Juventus 
3, DF, Milan 
4, MF, Milan 
5, DF, Parma 
6, DF, Lazio 
7, MF, Fiorentina 
8, MF, Juventus 
9, FW, Juventus 
10, FW, Juventus 
11, DF, Juventus 
2000 UEFA Euro Runner-up squad (lost 2:1 vs France on golden goal) cont.
12, GK, Fiorentina 
13, DF, Lazio 
14, MF, Inter 
15, DF, Juventus 
16, MF, Milan 
18, MF, Udinese 
19, FW, Roma 
20, FW, Roma 
21, FW, Roma 
22, GK, Roma 
2006 FIFA World Cup Champions squad
1, GK, Juventus 
2, DF, Palermo 
3, DF, Palermo 
4, MF, Roma 
5, DF, Juventus 
6, DF, Palermo 
7, FW, Juventus 
8, MF, Milan 
9, FW, Fiorentina 
10, FW, Roma 
11, FW, Milan 
2006 FIFA World Cup Champions squad cont.
12, GK, Lazio 
13, DF, Milan 
14, GK, Livorno 
15, FW, Udinese 
16, MF, Juventus 
17, MF, Palermo 
18, FW, Milan 
20, MF, Roma 
21, MF, Milan 
22, DF, Lazio 
23, DF, Inter 
Milan's XI in his last game for the club (13/05/2012, Serie A, won 2:1 vs Novara)
GK, Italy 
DF, Algeria 
DF, Colombia 
DF, France 
MF, Netherlands 
MF, Italy 
MF, Italy 
AMF, Ghana 
FW, Sweden 
FW, Italy 
Barcelona's XI in 0:6 win in La Liga vs Atletico Madrid (20/05/2007, Zambrotta scored in the Atletico's record largest home loss)
GK, Spain 
DF, Spain 
DF, Netherlands 
DF, France 
MF, Brazil 
MF, Spain 
MF, Portugal 
Winger, Brazil 
Winger, Argentina 
FW, Cameroon 
Left Juventus in the summer after Calciopoli/2006 Italian football scandal and relegation to Serie B (only permanent moves with a transfer fee)
to Inter 
to Real Madrid 
to Inter 
to Fiorentina 
to Real Madrid 
to Barcelona 
Juventus' XI in 2003 UEFA Champions League Final (Runner-up, lost on penalties vs Milan after 0:0 full time draw)
Played in last round game of 1999-00 Serie A for Juventus (lost 1:0 vs Perugia, Juventus lost Championship to Lazio, Zambrotta red carded after 8 minutes in the game)
GK, Netherlands 
DF, Italy 
DF, Uruguay 
DF, Italy 
DF, Italy 
MF, Italy 
MF, Italy 
MF, Netherlands 
MF, France 
FW, Italy 
FW, Italy 
FW, Serbia and Montenegro (sub) 
FW, Argentina (sub) 
Top 6 Bari's transfer record departures (as of 09/2017)
to Roma in 2001-02 
to Inter in 1998-99 
to Juventus in 2010-11 
to Juventus in 1992-93 
to Udinese in 2011-12 
Italian player with 50 or more appearances in UEFA Champions League (as of 08/2017)
Milan 109 
Parma 6, Juventus 102 
Inter 5, Milan 78, Juventus 25 
Lazio 21, Milan 78 
Juventus 89 
Milan 82 
Juventus 26, Milan 55 
Milan 79 
Barcelona 32, Inter 15, PSG 31 
Juventus 70, Villarreal 8 
Italian player with 50 or more appearances in UEFA Champions League (as of 08/2017) cont.
Milan 21, Real Madrid 15, Roma 38 
Juventus 68 
Milan 65 
Parma 5, Inter 17, Real Madrid 19, Juventus 21 
Juventus 57 
Roma 57 
Juventus 38, Lazio 18 
Juventus 6, Milan 48 
Juventus 54 
Juventus 52 

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