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Top 5 Standard Liege's transfer record departures (as of 09/2017)
to Everton in 2008-09 
to Benfica in 2011-12 
to Schalke in 1999-00 
to Al-Arabi in 2014-15 
Top 10 Olympique Marseille's transfer record arrivals (as of 09/2017)
from West Ham in 2016-17 
from Porto in 2009-10 
from Toulouse in 2010-11 
from Nice in 2010-11 
from Benfica in 2017-18 
from Lyon in 2008-09 
from Rennes in 2009-10 
from Lille in 2013-14 
from Newcastle in 2017-18 
Awarded 2003 Ligue 1 Team of the Year XI
GK, Lyon 
DF, Auxerre 
DF, Auxerre 
DF, Marseille 
MF, Bastia 
MF, Sochaux 
MF, Monaco 
MF, Monaco 
FW, Monaco 
FW, Bordeaux 
Man City's XI in 4:1 2003-04 Premier League win vs Man Utd (2nd City win in Premier League era vs Man Utd)
GK, England 
DF, France 
DF, Ireland 
DF, Germany 
MF, France 
MF (Winger), England 
MF (Winger), England 
FW, Ireland 
FW, England 
Played 25 or more games in 2005-06 Bundesliga for Hamburg (finished 3rd)
33, FW, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
32, AMF, Germany 
31, DF, Cameroon 
31, MF, Czech Republic 
31, FW, Germany 
31, MF/Winger, Iran 
27, DF, Netherlands 
Top 10 Hamburg's transfer record departures (as of 09/2017)
to Man City in 2008-09 
to Real Madrid in 2008-09 
to Bayer Leverkusen in 2014-15 
to Chelsea in 2006-07 
to Man City in 2010-11 
to Bayer Leverkusen in 2013-14 
to Juventus in 2011-12 
to Man City in 2008-09 
to Bayer Leverkusen in 2015-16 
Bayern Munich's XI in 2006-07 first leg QF UEFA Champions league game vs Milan (03/04/2007, 2:2 draw, van Buyten scored both goals to level the game)
GK, Germany 
DF, France 
DF, Brazil 
DF, Germany 
MF, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
MF, England 
MF, Germany 
MF, Germany 
FW, Netherlands 
FW, Germany 
Played in both games of the highest aggregate win in the UEFA Champions League knockout stage (12-1 on 24/02/2009, 0-5, and 11/03/2009, 7-1, vs Sporting Lisbon)
DF, Germany 
DF, Germany 
DF, Brazil 
MF, Germany 
MF, Netherlands 
MF, Brazil 
FW, Germany 
Played in both 2010 and 2012 UEFA Champions League Finals for Bayern Munich (Runner-up both times)
Unused sub in 2013 UEFA Champions League Final (Bayern Munich Champion, won 2:1 vs Borussia Dortmund)
GK, Bayern Munich 
MF/Winger, Bayern Munich 
MF, Bayern Munich 
FW, Bayern Munich 
GK, Borussia Dortmund 
DF, Borussia Dortmund 
MF, Borussia Dortmund 
MF, Borussia Dortmund 
MF, Borussia Dortmund 
Played for Bayern Munich in last van Buyten's game for the club (17/05/2014, DFB-Pokal Final, won 2:0 after extra time vs Borussia Dortmund, van Buyten entered as a sub on 102')
GK, Germany 
DF, Brazil 
DF, Brazil 
DF, Germany 
DF, Germany 
MF, Spain 
MF, Denmark 
MF, Germany 
Winger, Netherlands 
Winger, Germany 
FW, Germany 
Winger, France (sub) 
FW, Peru (sub) 
Played in all 2002 FIFA Wolrd Cup games for Belgium (reached Round of 16, lost 2:0 vs Brazil)
GK, Willem II 
MF, Club Brugge 
MF, Anderlecht 
Winger, Hertha Berlin 
AMF, Schalke 
FW, Club Brugge 
Belgium's XI in last van Buyten's game for the national team (05/07/2014, QF FIFA World Cup, lost 1:0 vs Argentina)
GK, Atletico Madrid 
DF, Atletico Madrid 
DF, Man City 
DF, Tottenham 
MF, Zenit 
MF, Man Utd 
AMF, Wolfsburg 
Winger, Everton 
Winger, Chelsea 
FW, Lille 
80 appearances or more for Belgium (as of 09/2017)
96, 1977-1991 
94, 2001- 
92, 2007- 
86, 1975-1991 
86, 1984-1998 
82, 2008- 
81, 1960-1974 

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