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Can you name the Harry Potter Candies and Drinks?

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Magical Drink
Even the most powerful one of these creates only infatuation or obsession 
Candy (Magical Properties Unknown)
Popular striped Muggle treat that Harry is wary of eating, suggesting the Wizards' version may have magical properties 
Unspecified whether these candy wands can actually perform magic, but they were too expensive for Ron to buy, suggesting they may be magical 
Non-Magical Drink
Alcoholic beverage that causes a burning sensation 
A light alcoholic beverage that tastes like butterscotch 
Presumably made from Gillyweed; alcoholic content unknown 
The only thing the winged Beauxbatons horses drink 
Commonly served cold in the Hogwarts Great Hall with meals 
Magical Candy
Prank candy that burns a hole in the victim's tongue 
Allows the chewer to blow bluebell-colored bubbles that last for days 
Bon-bons that blow up in the consumer's mouth when eaten 
Make the consumer's teeth chatter and squeak 
Make the consumer breathe smoke and fire 
Sherbert balls that cause the consumer to hover above the ground 
Hop realistically in the stomach 
Hermione suggested her parents, both dentists, would enjoy these 
They really jump, and come with a card of a famous Witch or Wizard 
Non-Magical Candy
Come in fantastic flavores like vomit, bogeys, and earwax 
Chocolate sweets filled with strawberry mousse and clotted cream 
Contain real cockroaches 
Enjoyed by Scabbers, according to Ron 
Honeydukes favorite that the consumer can sneakily eat in class 
Most likely only appealing to vampires; otherwise probably a novelty 
Muggle lemon-flavored candy filled with fizzy powder 
Filled cakes shaped like cauldrons 
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Magical Candy
Severely engorge the victim's tongue 
Temporarily turn the consumer into a giant canary 
Skiving Snackbox treats that make the consumer pass out to aid in getting out of class 
Skiving Snackbox treats that give the consumer feverish symptoms to aid in getting out of class; unfortunate side effect is pus-filled boils 
Skiving Snackbox treats that give the consumer a bloody nose to aid in getting out of class 
Skiving Snackbox treats that make the consumer vomit to aid in getting out of class 

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Panem Industry Match-Up

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