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Basic ClueQuoteWho he said it about
What Ty B says when he doesn't want to hear your crap
His sole source of inspiration
Comparing Jess' appearance to something
Who is Ty B dreaming about?
The Bees
What the...?
Ty B declaring his strength. I'm ___ than you!
What Ty B says when he doesn't care about his team
Where will Ty B hit the wiffleball next?
Don't tell Dan Smith...
Ty B just can't believe what he is seeing.
What is Caleb?
What is Caleb? Hint: Potty Reference
Caleb's strength being compared to food and fine dining
Basic ClueQuoteWho he said it about
Ty describing his running abilities
Fish Lips
What do 'they' call Ty B?
Not a 'biscuit', but a ...
Do you have a problem?
What's your name?
Ty B and fruit
Ty B telling Caleb the best way to pick up chicks.
This led Chris B to saying 'I'm gonna kick your B'
Ty B's word for just about everyone
What does Ty B compare most things to?
Similar to previous, but explaining that someone cheats
My Slick
What kind of sauce?
Ty B and fruit 2
What did it hurt like?

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