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Can you name the Oldest National Parks Bracket (Oldest ones move on) not all listed are in top 32?

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Round 1
Matchup 1A: Yosemite vs. Virgin Islands 
Matchup 1B: Pinnacles vs Congaree 
Matchup 1C: North Cascades vs. Olympic 
Matchup 1D: Lassen Volcanic vs Crater Lake 
Matchup 1E: Yellowstone vs Acadia 
Matchup 1F: Grand Canyon vs Kobuk Valley 
Matchup 1G: Redwood vs. Great Smoky Mountains 
Matchup 1H: Zion vs Bryce Canyon 
Matchup 1Y: Rocky Mountain vs. Glacier 
Matchup 1J: Sequoia vs Shenandoah 
Matchup 1K: Guadalupe Mountains vs Dry Tortugas 
Matchup 1L: Great Sand Dunes vs Great Basin 
Matchup 1M: Badlands vs. Arches 
Matchup 1N: American Samoa vs Black Canyon of the Gunnison 
Matchup 1O: Capitol Reef vs Channel Islands 
Matchup 1P: Canyonlands vs Cuyahoga Valley 
Round 2
Matchup 2A: Winner of 1A vs 1B 
Matchup 2B: Winner of 1C vs 1D 
Matchup 2C: Winner of 1E vs 1F 
Matchup 2D: Winner of 1G vs 1H 
Matchup 2E: Winner of 1Y vs 1J 
Matchup 2F: Winner of 1K vs 1L 
Matchup 2G: Winner of 1M vs 1N 
Matchup 2H: Winner of 1O vs 1P 
Round 3
Matchup 3A: Winner of 2A vs 2B 
Matchup 3B: Winner of 2C vs 2D 
Matchup 3C: Winner of 2E vs 2F 
Matchup 3D: Winner of 2G vs 2H 
Round 4
Matchup 4A: Winner of 3A vs 3B 
Matchup 4B: Winner of 3C vs 3D 
Final Round
Final Round: Winner of 4A vs 4B 

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